6 Ways To Get Motivated To Achieve Your Goals

Get Motivated
The Signs Are All There To Get Motivated

When life gets you down, you can become unmotivated. The reason why life gets you down is not always clear, but one thing is true – you have no desire to do anything!

If you are someone who has a ton of goals in life, a lack of motivation can be quite annoying! There is nothing worse than seeing your goals, desires, and dreams in front of you, but not having the drive to go after them.

Following are a few ways to get up and get motivated to go after those goals, desires, and dreams, and start making life happen!

6 Ways To Get Motivated

 1. Get Connected With Like-Minded People

There are many different communities and groups dedicated to many different things including careers, relationships, health, etc. If you need some motivation, head over to these groups, join them, and interact with them on a daily basis.

For instance, if you need motivation to lose weight, join a forum, group, or community that is full of people who encourage and inspire you to lose weight.

Every morning wake up and check in with the group for your daily source of inspiration, and when you feel a lack of motivation – check in to get some more.

 2. Stay Optimistic About Your Goals

I know many people who are very pessimistic, and they tend to look at the faults of any given situation, and the failures that could occur, before anything bad actually happens! It is no wonder that these people cannot stay motivated to save their life. Why would you want to work towards something that you are sure will fail?

Optimism allows you to look for the possibilities in any situation, and it gives you the confidence to work through problems and get motivated to overcome obstacles. In short, without optimism you goals are much further away.

 3. Stop Listening To Negative Influences

One conversation with the wrong person and I can be under the covers with a pillow over my head…if I choose to let them influence my thoughts! Negative people are ready to bring you down and give up on pursing important goals.

Personally, I find that people who watch the news deal with this the most. I don’t watch the news, but I do know a lot of people who try to inform me about what went wrong today. I also know that these people are in the ‘whatever’ mode.

  • Whatever – life is meant to be hard anywase.
  • Whatever – I will never lose weight because huge companies are trying to make it impossible for me to do so.
  • Whatever – I will be broke soon, so why bother trying anymore.

Oh my god! The news is so depressing. Please, if you watch the news – STOP! There is nothing on there that is helping your life. It is a one-sided version of the world, and if you could see all the good in the world you would understand that the negative view really is a shaded view of the real world.

In short, if you listen to negative people (friends, family, the news…), then yes – you are going to lose motivation. So start listening to positive people who talk about success and love and get back on track towards your life purpose.

4.  Get Clear On Your Goals

I can personally attest to this. It is very hard to stay motivated when you don’t know what you really want. When you have a clear vision in front of you, then you get motivated to make that vision a reality.

There are so many different ways to keep track of your goals, but do not keep track of them in your head. That does nothing for achieving them. Instead, make sure you write them down or use a goal setting software to keep track of your goals, sub goals, and progress. Every day that you look at them, you will feel motivated to achieve them.

5. Don’t Stress About Life

Stressing about your life does nothing good for it, expect cause you to worry and lose motivation! When you take life too seriously, you can start to debate every single move you make. When that happens, you stop enjoying the process, and when that happens, you lose motivation.

I think (please correct me if I’m wrong) it is Tony Robbins who says that you are going to laugh about this moment years from now, so why not laugh right now? Life is not as bad as it seems in the moment, and being able to let go of stress and just enjoy it for what it is, will keep you moving forward to see what joyous moment will come next.

2 thoughts on “6 Ways To Get Motivated To Achieve Your Goals”

  1. I love the last section about Stress, I’m always stressed out, it not only makes you lose motivation, but also plays havoc with your sleep pattens.

    Which in turn leads to a complete lack of doing anything, so it’s a bit of a vicious circle.

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