Blogging makes you happy

5 Reasons Blogging Can Make You Happy

Fall in Love With Blogging

Thinking about starting a blog and becoming a part-time or full-time blogger? There are many reasons that blogging can benefit your life and increase your happiness! Following are 5 of them that I’ve experienced.

1. Focus On Your Passions

There is nothing greater than waking up and talking about what you are passionate about. Blogging is all about talking (or writing) and sharing what you know for sure with other people who are interested. It’s a great way to bust myths, keep people enlightened, and help support other people with their passions.

Plus, the more you research and write about your passion, the more of an expert you become. And as an expert, you have the ability to create information products in the form of eBooks, courses, or membership sites, which will help you pull in even more income from your blogging venture and making focusing on your passions a full-time venture.

2. Make Connections With Like-Minded People

Millions of blog posts are published every day. So, if you want to stand out in the crowd, you have to make connections with other bloggers in your niche – and even not in your niche. This helps you get your name out, build your personal blogging brand, and get more followers and visitors to your blog.

One great place to make new connections is on MyBlogU, a community where you can ask questions, interview other bloggers, get interviewed, and collaborate to create some awesome and unique content. When you collaborate, you get your name in front of other people’s visitors and readers, which helps you expand your visitors and readers, which results in more success.

Building connections also makes you happier because you meet so many awesome people that you might never meet in your offline life. There are many bloggers who are trying to make this world a better place, and it is a pleasure to meet and bring them into your life.

3. Work Through Issues

One thing we never had as a kid (or at least I didn’t) was a way to openly discuss problems with strangers. Blogging allows you to reach out to other people and discuss concerns or issues that you may have in your life.

That not only helps other people see that their struggles are not unique, but it helps you work through issues as you talk about your problem. I have found many solutions to life’s downs simply by blogging about it – and yes, I’m a much happier person since I started blogging! I’ve grown exponentially.

4. Make Some Money

Bloggers have multiple ways to earn both active and passive income from their blogs.

If you are just looking for some extra income on the side, then that is possible.

If you are looking to create a full-time business through blogging, then that is possible too.

The great thing about blogging is that there is no income cap. You can create as many successful revenue streams and blogs as you like, so it is easy to increase your income month after month.

Two of the most popular ways to make money blogging include:

  1. Affiliate marketing – Recommend products and make a commission from your recommendations. This is a great way to try out products, test them on your own life, and share your findings with other people. It is also a great way to bring to light products and services that can benefit other people and make their life better. Making other people happy is a great way to become happy yourself!
  2. Ads – You can put up Google AdSense ads, or ads from companies that pay you monthly to keep their banner up, or paid articles with a link to a company’s site embedded. This can take a little longer to make money from. You need traffic to really benefit from ads, and depending on what route you take, that could take a while. (Hint: Want to build your blog up fast? Take a challenge – like the Content Zero to Blogging Hero Challenge.) The faster you build up your blog and popularity, the happier you will be when it comes to earning money!

5. Contribute Positively To The World

Your blog has the potential to help one person in some way. By helping that one person, you may inspire them to help one person. You know the rest of the story…

Your blog also has the potential to reach millions of people. Imagine the possibilities! Imagine the feeling of satisfaction that you will get from it! It feels amazing to know that you impact the world in a positive way.

Blogging Makes You Happier

In my opinion, blogging is one of the best jobs you can take on for your happiness. It helps you connect to other people, get your knowledge out there where it can benefit others, and contribute to other people’s lives in a positive way. And the high you get from focusing on your passions day in and day out is something that can’t be beat.

In other words, if you want to start blogging – then do it! Don’t let the ‘what ifs’ hold you back. Get out there, get yourself known, and see what happens.

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Blogging Can Make You Happy”

  1. So happy to know your blog. In fact, sometime I care about my blog and sometime not, I was stuck in some other things. But right now after read your article. I found my missing peace. I should focus on what I like – blogging. Thank you

  2. I wanted to start my own blog and I was looking for your suggestions for which sites you think are the best to start one with. . I want to be able to post pictures, text, and music (maybe).. I only want to use a free blog host..

    1. I don’t know much about free blog hosts. I wouldn’t recommend them because you don’t have total control over your blog. You can’t talk about what you want to talk about, post what you want to post, and progress in a way that you may want to progress. But, you can create a free blog on WordPress or on blogger. This post at has some information for starting a blog on a few different free spaces.

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