5 Personal Goal Setting Tips for Success

Goal setting tips to help you achieve your goals

When I was younger I never got any goal setting tips; in fact, I had never really spent any time planning out my goals. I spent years going through my days without any concrete goals.

I also spent years not working towards anything in particular that would make me feel successful. What I have learned is that if you want to be successful in life, then you have to create some personal goals and start working towards them.

In fact, you should always be working towards one goal or another, which I will explain right away. The thrill of finishing even the tiniest goal can help you move towards success much quicker.

Goal Setting Tips For Success

1. Write Them Down

We all have things we would like to do, but having those goals floating around in your head doesn’t give you the visual you need to make them real. When you see ‘Make $1,000,000’ on paper, it has a more dramatic vibration to it than if you were to just think about making a million.

I use Goals On Track to write down and keep track of my goals. The great thing about the program is you can make sub-goals on your bigger goals. Following is a screen shot of one goal that I created to show you. As you can see, you can create a daily habit to help you reach your goal (for this it would be something like ‘no negative speech’) and that can really help you reach your goal. To make it even more visual, you can add a picture to the goal and even view it on a vision board on the software.

There is much more to Goals On Track – but this article is not supposed to be about that software, it is supposed to be on goal setting tips, so if you want to check it out for yourself, do so. They have a pretty good tutorial of what you can expect in the software.

Goal Setting Tips: Creating Goals on Goals On Track

2. Be Honest About What You Want To Achieve First

You may have a ton of goals written down, but you can’t work at them all at one time. The best way to hit a goal is to pick one that really excites you and the put all of your focus on that goal until you reach it. Then, move on to the next goal.

Goal Setting Tips: Stay Focused On Your GoalsI spent years putting focus on too many things, and I hardly ever reached a goal I had because of it. I started to follow a man named Mark Joyner (@markjoyner), and one of the biggest goal setting tips he game me was to have direct focus on what I want to achieve. Since then I have found that you reach your goals faster by focusing on one thing at a time, and you are more successful at them.

Check out Mark’s Goal Setting Software Here

3. Be Specific About Your Goals

I want to make some money is very different from I want to make $5,000 a month. By being specific, you are telling yourself that there is something you want to achieve, and you will be more likely to take the steps towards achieving it.

Plus, if your goal is too broad, you may end up directing your focus to too many different areas that ‘might’ be able to help you reach your goal. When you know exactly where you are going, you will have an easier time taking the steps you need to take towards that goal.

4. Make Smaller Goals To Reach Larger Goals

Making a plan for how long it should take to achieve your goals will give you the momentum to keep moving towards them.

  • Short term goals generally should be between 1-2 weeks, and they should help you reach your medium term goals. For example, write 3 blog posts this week.
  • Medium term goals should be for around 2-6 months, and they should help you meet your long term goals. For example, write 72 blog posts.
  • Long term goals should be attainable within 6-12 months, or a little longer. For example, write 156 blog posts.

5. Celebrate your achievements!

When you reach any goal, celebrate it. Make sure you soak up that good feeling you get when you have accomplished something you set out to do. This will push you on to your next achievement with a feeling of “I can do this!” and an equal desire to do it.

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