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3 Reasons You May Want To Leave Your Relationship

Listen, nobody should tell you whether or not you should leave your relationship in order to be happy – that is completely up to you. That’s why I want you to know that I am not saying you have to leave your relationship if these 3 things are present…I’m just saying that they may be a reason you would want to leave.

Should you leave your relationship

I am saying that these 3 things are issues in a relationship and they should be resolved if you want to have total happiness in your relationship, but leaving is completely up to you.

I can say that I have a family member who is a horrible relationship that includes these 3 things, and if I could I would pick her up and take her out of it. She is miserable and her life has turned into a chore now…not one that she enjoys. BUT the decision is always hers, not mine, because it is HER life and HER relationship, not mine.

1. One Of Your Deal Breakers Has Been Triggered

We all have deal breakers in our minds when we get into a relationship. Some of us have more than others. It all depends on what we feel is a huge no-no and what we feel we deserve. Deal breakers may be lying, cheating, abuse, lack of support, or even unwillingness to work on the relationship.

If one of your deal breakers has been triggered, then it will be very hard for you to have a happy and healthy relationship, because your mind will be focused on the negative thing that happened. This will reduce trust, increase anger and hurt, and cause all kinds of issues in the relationship.

2. You Have Unsolvable Problems

If you have been having the same issue from the start of your relationship, and it keeps reappearing and causing fights or hurt feelings, this may be an issue that you just can’t overcome.

The reason you may want to leave the relationship here is because you or your partner may not be capable of overcoming this issue, and if that is the case, it will be something that appears over and over again until the day you die. Do you really want to spend the rest of your relationship, or life, dealing with this issue?

One unsolvable problem could be when one partner has a kid by someone else and the other is not happy about it. Even though it may be something that they feel like they should be able to work through, it may just be an issue that is too hard for them to overcome.

3. Your Requirements Are Not Being Met

Everyone needs different things in their relationship. This is why some people are happy in long distance relationships with very little contact, and some are happy being together 24 hours a day.

Everyone requires different levels of support, communication, and physical contact. If your requirements are not being met in your relationship then I can guarantee you that you are not satisfied. It is impossible to be satisfied when you don’t feel as though you are desires or needs are not being met.

When you do not feel satisfied, you may start to look outside the relationship for that satisfaction, and that can bring on a whole new level of issues.

One type of requirement not being met may be a certain type of physical pleasure. For instance, if you have a sexual fantasy that you would like to be a constant in your relationship, but your partner is not into it, then this will be a constant strain against your desire – which will result in unhappiness or a lack of satisfaction on some level in you.

The above 3 issues are things to think about when deciding whether to leave your relationship. Some people can overcome issues that other people cannot. You will know whether or not you can overcome them or not, and whether or not you want to live with the issue or not if you can’t overcome it.

In short, your happiness lies in your hands, and you always have a choice in your relationships and life, so choose wisely.

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