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10 Signs That Your Partner May Be Cheating on You

Cheating Versus Faithful

When you suspect your partner is cheating, it is one of the hardest emotional things to deal with. There is the uncertainty if it’s even happening and there is the agony of not knowing if you will ever find out the truth. But still, you do your best to watch for signs of cheating to get some proof before you totally lose your mind.

Often there are signs that are confusing and make you question your judgment over and over again. But there are some signs of cheating that just don’t lie!

Here are 10 signs that your partner may be cheating on you.

1. There Are Drastic Changes in Their Emotional Behavior

Your partner may be more moody than ever before. Anger, yelling, screaming, crying, and other negative emotions are increasing by the day. Of course they may go the other way as well and become extremely pleasant and caring. Either extreme of the emotional spectrum is a warning sign of feeling guilty and cheating.

2. There Are Drastic Changes in Their Appearance

Your partner is suddenly taking care of themselves like their career is modeling. This could be just a sudden interest in health and beauty, but if it’s extremely radical for your partner then it may be a sign of primping for someone else.

3. They Act Like They Did When They First Met You – But Not Necessarily Towards You

When people cheat they get a rush of excitement and a sense of ‘new’, just like they did when you first started dating. Giddiness, nervousness, extra attention to their appearance, or any other courting rituals and habits can signify they are in a lovers courting process.

4. There Are Drastic Changes in Their Routine

Signs of cheating: change of schedule

For 10 years they went to work for 8 hours, the gym for 2 hours, than came home at sat on the couch. Now they work for 12 hours, go to the gym for 4 hours, and come home and take a shower. Simple changes like working out harder or changing their routes while driving are nothing to be concerned about, but when their schedule is becoming ridiculously uncharacteristic of them – your cheating radar should be worried.

5. Their Body Language is Uneasy

Body language is a huge telltale sign of something not being right. If they are fidgety with their body and holding it in an uncomfortable stance, then they may be nervous and scared about something. Unless something big is going on in your lives, their bodies should be relaxed and at home when they are with you.

6. Their Eye Contact is Non-Existent

Normal eye contact is easy…you make eye contact, and then you look away to think, and then you look back to communicate. If their eyes have become shifty, you should be concerned. This shows nervousness and worry, and it is not a normal behavior.

Also, avoiding eye contact while you are talking is another sign of hiding something.

7. Their Sex Drive Towards You Becomes Non-Existent

Signs of cheating: no sex drive

You used to have sex, at the very least, once a week; now, you barely get it once a month. While this may just be a sign of their lack of interest in you and your sexual abilities with them, it may also be a sign that they are getting their sexual fill elsewhere.

8. Their Sex Drive Towards You Has Become Insane – And Uncharacteristic

Here is the opposite end of the spectrum from the last point. Many people cheat with people who will play out their fantasies. Once they start getting a taste for that kind of excitement they may want to play it out with you as well.

Again, extreme is the measuring stick here as it can be normal for sudden experimentation to ward off boredom. But if they want you to do things that you have never even thought about then you may have a solid clue they have got their ideas elsewhere.

9. They Talk About Someone Too Much or Too Little

Their co-worker used to be the topic of conversation when they came home. Now they never bring up their name for any reason. Or, they talk about someone until they are blue in the face. They inform you how great he or she is and how much better they do certain things than anyone else in the world. Avoidance is a sign of guilt, but blowing up someone’s character is a sign of interest.

10. They Smell Like Someone Else’s Perfume or Cologne

If they smell like someone else, this is a high sign of cheating. A common excuse is, “I just brushed up against someone!” but that’s bogus and we all know that. To actually retain a smell from someone else you have to be touching, and normally for a long time. Hugging may result in retaining their smell, but if it happens more than once, you have to wonder if there is something more going on.

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