Tapping For Weight Loss?

Woman doing EFT on the karate chop point for weight loss

This month I have decided to really dedicate some time to learning more about the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also called tapping. Why? For a few reasons.

1. I’ve tried it and it has worked.

2. I keep reading about it in every self-help book that I get. Seriously, I can’t escape it.

I’ve decided that there must be a reason that everywhere I turn I hear about EFT, and I try to take signs from the universe seriously. Hence, I’ve made it a goal to learn as much as possible this month about tapping, and, incorporate it into my life.

Tapping 101 – History and Science of EFT

Following is a great video that explains how tapping came about.

EFT For Weight Loss?

Normally when I start to think about something, I see a lot more of it. Call it what you want, but I feel that it is the law of attraction. So, when  I woke up today and found a video on ‘tapping for weight loss’ in my inbox, I wasn’t surprised.

As I said, tapping is something I want to learn more about, and weight loss is something I have been thinking about for a long, long time.

The video I received in my inbox was done by Nick Ortner’s (The guy behind The Tapping Solution) sister, Jessica.

She starts out by talking about dieting…or at least the way most of us go about it. There are some real simple truths, such as:

  • It is important to change the way you look at food and dieting.
  • It is important to let go of the idea that there is a perfect diet, cause there is not.
  • The pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect is the downfall for us.

Then, she goes through a tapping session that quite honestly brought tears to my eyes. Obviously I have some stuck energy around the issues and pressures of dieting, and the stress that comes with it, because the emotions that came up while tapping were very strong.

Two Tapping Videos On Common Weight Issues

After Jessica’s video, I searched for some other videos focused on tapping and weight loss. The following videos hit home for me, and I figured that they may hit home for you as well.

1. I’m Too Fat!

When I found this first video about being ‘too fat’, I was a little offended. But then I realized that I say this all the time. My friends say this all the time. Strangers say this all the time. ‘I’m too fat’ just looks different – almost offensive – when it is written under a video and used as a topic for tapping.

If you find yourself saying, “I’m too fat!” then you will find this tapping session helpful. It will really help you to think about what you say, what you mean when you say it, how you really think, and then it will help you to push through the negative emotions of being ‘too fat’.

Seriously, take the time to do this one…I think you will like it as much as I did.

Note: He doesn’t say it, but do what he does (tapping on the points he taps) and repeat everything he says. 

2. Lose Your Jelly Belly

The dreaded stomach. Almost everyone struggles with the belly – even if they can tackle almost all the other areas on the body. The stomach is the hardest spot to lose the weight and the easiest place to become obsessed over…am I right?

This tapping session addresses the emotions around the ‘jelly belly’ and fat. She is quite a cute woman, and while the tapping is on serious issues that we deal with, it feels very lighthearted as you do it.

I came out of it determined to have more fun and less stress around my weight. If you do it, let me know what you felt after it in the comments below!

Tapping For All Issues Surrounding Weight

I think that weight, dieting, and worrying about how others view us, are highly emotional things for many of us. Since EFT is about releasing stuck and negative emotions, it just makes sense that tapping and the subject of weight loss would go together!

With tapping, we can stop focusing on the diet aspect (which never works out anywase) and start focusing on the issues behind why we eat what we eat, why we overeat, and why we always fall back into our old eating habits. And then, hopefully, move through those issues to better health.


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