Should You Write A New Blog Post Every Day?

Blogging Daily: Should You Do It?

Every blogger has asked themselves if they should try blogging daily. Will blogging Monday through Sunday increase my blog success? Will it increase my traffic, get me more subscribers, and ultimately result in more sales? Will it make my life as a blogger happier and more fulfilling? I have often looked for the perfect answer, but unfortunately I haven’t found it yet.

I’ve been watching people debate about this for years, and:

  • I’ve seen people who are passionate about NOT blogging every day, but years later they have very little success and disappear from the blogging world.
  • I’ve seen people who are passionate about blogging every day, and they also have very little success and disappear.
  • I’ve seen people have incredible success posting once a week, once every two weeks, and once a month.
  • I’ve seen people have incredible success as daily bloggers.
  • I’ve seen all different levels of success using both strategies.

That’s left me with this thought: What works for some people doesn’t work for others, and you need to find your own posting strategy that allows you to create the content you want, use your time effectively, reach the people you want, and achieve the results you want.

Drawbacks Of Posting Every Day

Some people strongly advocate against posting daily on a blog. This older article on Boost Blog Traffic talks about all the ways daily posting can hurt you and your blog.

One of the points he makes is that without social proof, you are hurting your blog. As far as I’m concerned, if you become active on social sites, develop a relationship with other people, and create some pretty interesting content, your social proof will be there.

Moreover, if you work with other bloggers to share your articles, then your social proof increases. For instance, Viral Content Buzz is a great place to get your content shared and share other people’s work.

Many people point out that posting daily can take away from your offsite SEO. For instance, you have little time to guest post, connect with others through social media, create webinars, create products, and interact with other bloggers. That makes sense because you only have so much time in a day, especially if you are doing something else to earn the biggest part of your active income right now.

Some people will argue that posting every day is a waste of time when you are new because you don’t have any traffic or readers to read those posts. Why not work on building an audience before you post every day? That is also a valid point.

Also many people point out that posting daily is hard. Not just because of the time, but because you can get a case of writer’s block, which results in a frustrating day of trying to come up with a post. Many people find this out when they take a blogging challenge that sounds like an awesome challenge to take on, but quickly becomes a reality of having to come up with content every day.

For instance, Steve Counsell recently took on a challenge of blogging daily, and here is what happened.

Q. What Challenge Did You Take On?

I challenged myself to write a new blog post every day throughout January 2015. I wanted to see if I could actually write every day and if that writing would make sense throughout the whole period.

Q. How Long Did It Last?

The challenge lasted for the whole of January 2015.

Q. Was It Hard To Stick With The Challenge?

At first the challenge was easy. It’s always exciting to start something new but I will say that it became progressively more difficult after day 10.

I just about managed to complete the challenge but I will say that the last few daily blog posts were a little bit of a struggle to write. I simply ran out of ideas!

Q. What Were Your Results?

I really enjoyed the whole process and found that I managed to write about 27,000 words in all through January so I feel pretty pleased with the results.

While Steve doesn’t mention if his blog readers grew or not, he does mention a feeling of satisfaction and a lot of words added to his blog. But, he always mentions that it became hard to keep posting at the end because the ideas were not there.

I think depending on your niche that is a huge reality. For instance, while it can be easy to write about dating issues every day for a month, it can be much harder to write about a tighter topic, such as First Date Mistakes. There is only so much you can think of!

Lastly, if you start posting daily, and you start getting readers who enjoy your daily posts, then you need to continue posting daily or you can cause a lot of frustration with your readers who expect you to stick to a certain schedule. In short, people may lose trust with you when you suddenly only post one a week or once a month, and you don’t want to lose trust when you are trying to promote yourself.

Benefits Of Posting Everyday

The biggest benefit is that if you write good content, people can eventually find them in the search results or through social media. You have more entry points into your blog, which is a great thing. I’ve found blogs from posts years ago. Imagine if they had not written that one post – I may never have found their blog.

In addition, when you post daily, you tend to work harder at getting those posts noticed through social media. This can build your social media following.

Other benefits include:

  • Displaying a strong commitment to your blog
  • Staying up-to-date in your niche
  • Improving your writing skills
  • Developing a habit of daily writing
  • Feeling great about yourself as you commit to your writing goals
  • Gives you motivation to try unique things for your posts and get creative

Adrienne from WordPressionist experienced some great benefits when she took on a daily blogging challenge.

Q. What Challenge Did You Take On?

I participated in the New Year’s MyBlogU challenge this past winter. For that MBUstorm challenge we were to set a goal, and mine was to publish a new article every day (this was for a different blog of mine) and increase my followers.

Q. How Long Did It Last?

The challenge lasted 30 days.

Q. Was It Hard To Stick With The Challenge?

Part of the challenge was to use MyBlogU every single day and tweet about it, which I found was the hardest thing to keep track of. I’m participating again in this same challenge this month and I’m finding it way easier to remember this daily task by using a habit-building online tool called HabitRPG. I have “#MBUstorm” set as a daily goal, and check it off when I have completed it for the day.

Q. What Were Your Results?

I was able to post 30 articles in 30 days, which was the point of the challenge. In that time I also launched an infographic (something I never thought I would do!) and got hundreds of new Twitter and Facebook followers. It was awesome! In the challenge itself, I got third place, which wasn’t too shabby.

Adrienne did a challenge with other people and that benefited her social accounts as well as how she felt about herself.

Note: If you are going to take on the challenge of posting daily, you may want to find a challenge that includes other bloggers where you can motivate each other, connect, and promote each other’s articles.

Try It On For Size

Daily Posting: Why Not Try It On For Size?

Since I have always heard mixed reviews about blogging daily, I’ve tried it on for size. I wanted to stop second-guessing whether I should do it or not and, instead, just take action on it.

On a relationship blog, I posted daily and noticed an instant increase in natural traffic through the search engines. I also noticed a few more people naturally linking into my site (without any effort on my part). And, I got added into a popular site that automatically posts new posts from various blogs in regards to my niche, likely because they knew I was pumping out a lot of content that would benefit their daily content. (I get quite a bit of traffic from there.)

I also tried posting daily on other sites and found no benefit other than feeling good about myself for sticking to a schedule and posting daily. A nice dinner out was my reward, but as far as traffic and profit – I only received a slight increase.

I think the bottom line is that it may work for you or it may not, but you will never know unless you try!

If you think that writing a new blog post every day will benefit you, and you are willing to commit yourself to blogging daily – or want to take part in a challenge that will help you commit – then give it a shot!

If you have anything thoughts about posting daily, please share in the comments below. I would love to hear them!


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