Why All Women Should Watch The Documentary ‘Embrace’

I just finished watching the body image documentary Embrace. Wow. I wish I had seen this documentary when I was young. But, of course, when I was young body positivity wasn’t so much a thing as dieting was. I’m glad that so many people, like Taryn Brumfitt (see pic below), are changing that for the younger women today and giving us older women a chance to rethink how we go through life.

Embrace Documentary

I watched Embrace today because I was feeling bad about my body and I wanted to see if the documentary would help me feel better.

It did.

I’ve followed the body image movement for a while now, and I knew about the movie coming out and being out, but I hadn’t had a real urge to see it until I got in a funk with my body and decided that I really don’t want to get in those funks anymore.

Here’s The Trailer To ‘Embrace’

What Did I Experience And Think?

I cried a lot.

I said ‘Yes!’ a lot.

I nodded my head a lot.

I told women in the movie how right they were (even though they couldn’t hear me).

I laughed.

I got outside my head and saw things from a different perspective.

And in the end, I decided that it would be real nice to watch Embrace every single day of my life until I really could embrace my body for what it is consistently and stop making the fat on my body define who I am as a woman.

Every Woman Should Watch This…

The funny thing is I see women in my immediate life struggling with body image issues. My mom hates it when I take pictures of her. My friend loathes her ‘fat’, even though I have yet to see any fat on her body. Every woman I’ve ever known thought they were imperfect because of their body – thin, fat, and in-between.

And even though I can see how crazy they all are, I talk about how imperfect I am because of MY body. I do it too.

It’s crazy. But, it’s what happens after a lifetime of messages about what ‘pretty’ and ‘healthy’ really means and how unacceptable you are until you become perfect.

So, I’ve decided that I’ll spend the rest of my life taking in messages – like the ones I received in Embrace,to help me rewire my brain and see myself as beautiful and worthy… period.

I highly recommend that you go watch the movie. It’s good. It’s worth it. It carries a message that we all need to wrap our minds around and understand once and for all – we are amazing and worthy, no matter what we look like on the outside.

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