visualization for weight loss Jon Gabriel

Visualization For Weight Loss: Jon Gabriel’s Weight Loss Method

I ate this book up. Not literally, but I definitely read it faster than many of the other books I’ve read and reviewed. I’ve heard a lot about Jon Gabriel, and I’ve always wanted to take one of his courses or read one of his books, so when I saw this book, I jumped at the […]

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E-cubed review

E-Cubed Review: Interesting Experiments For A Better Life

If you are like most people, you probably want to prove that everything you have heard about in The Secret or other manifesting, reality-creating, and happiness-encouraging books or videos. Pam Grout helps you do that with E-Cubed. I didn’t read E-Squared – so I didn’t totally understand what I was getting into. But, I’m sure […]

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My New Mantra For Happiness

My New Mantra: Top 10 Tweets On #mynewmantra

Today I decided that my new mantra is – well, you can see it in the first tweet I have listed in this post. I felt like my hashtag was pretty cool, and then I realized that a lot of people use the hashtag to express both positive and negative things. This post will focus […]

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Are You Being Scammed?

Why Everything Will Soon Become A SCAM (And Why That Really Sucks!)

I feel like the word ‘scam’ is being used too much online, and it is putting a negative bracket around many things and people. After reading the book power words, I’ve become acutely aware of what words do to my happiness, and this negative word has been standing out for me as I see it more and more. […]

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Reach Success And Aim For Value

Two Quotes To Remember To Be A Happier Person

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why – Mark Twain For many people the day you are born is important for the following reasons: it is the day you get to join this world, experience life, and enjoy everything that this […]

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Why And How I Quit My Gambling Addiction Cold Turkey

My family is full of gamblers. Since I was of legal age, I remember my family getting together to go to the casino. It was how we spent time together. Even though it was really just about going to a building with slot machines together, as a teenager and young adult, it is what I […]

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Review of Your Year for Change

Review of Your Year for Change By Bronnie Ware

You know those calendars that make you rip off one sheet per day for inspiration? That’s kind of what Your Year For Change is like – but instead of one sheet per day, it is one chapter per week, and instead of a small little inspirational story, it is a story that is about 4 […]

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MIranda Sings Back Off

Do You Have Haters? Miranda Sings Has A Song For You!

One of my favorite YouTube stars is Miranda Sings. And she has a lot of haters! She gets negative comments – otherwise known as hate mail – on her singing, attitude, lipstick, talent, spelling, and even the way she dresses. Some people just don’t like her, and they are not scared to tell her how they […]

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Dumb And Dumber To In Real Life: Faking A Coma

If you watched Dumb And Dumber To, then you know that Lloyd fakes being sick for a really long time as a joke towards his friend Harry. He sits in a wheelchair, let’s Harry change his diapers, and doesn’t talk. Well, that’s pretty dumb, and you might think that no man would do that in his […]

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Steve Jones - The Dream World

Dream World: Help To Uncover The World Of Your Dreams

Do you know what your dreams mean or do you wake up and think, “What the hell was that about?” If you don’t understand your dreams, then you need to know that being able to interpret your dreams can help you make more sense of what seems like nonsense. The truth is that nonsense dreams may […]

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Mike Dooley Dead People Book Cover

Review Of The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU

I am very interested in the paranormal, so that is what led me to read this book. After all, it does say ‘Things dead people want to tell you’ in the title. But, I found myself a little disappointed at the beginning, middle, and end. It’s not the worst book in the world, and some people […]

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