Moving Towards Unlimited Abundance With Christie Marie Sheldon

For the past few weeks, I’ve been taking part in Unlimited Abundance. It is a basically a program where Christie Marie Sheldon walks you through removing abundance blocks that are holding you back from – well, abundance!

A Little Information On Energy Blocks And Christie Marie Sheldon?

My Experience So Far With Unlimited Abundance

It has been quite an interesting journey, and I plan to write about it when I’m completely done so you know the pros and cons of the program and how I really feel about it was set up, Christie, and my experience.

For now, I can say that some of the sessions make me think that I’m missing out on something. She will talk about something as if I’m supposed to have it, but I don’t.

For instance, she mentioned something about using the blank space to fill in what comes to mind. The problem is there is no blank space on the PDF’s that come with the program.

Unlimited Abundance is taken from a webinar she did with some people, and it seems like they had materials that we don’t have. We do have slides that are supposed to go with the audio of the webinar, but they don’t always seem to match up and it can be hard to follow along.

In short, it would be nice if we could see the original webinar. Basically watch it the way the original people watched it. But, I’ve managed to move past this issue (for the most part) and just focus on what she is clearing for the session.

Other than that, so far I am really enjoying Unlimited Abundance.

I did want to tell you that I am experiencing some progress in terms of abundance. Not only are my beliefs starting to change about what I can do, have, or be, I am also noticing some concrete changes in my life.

  • I’m getting more questions and helping more people on a dream article I wrote two years ago!
  • I’m making unexpected money
  • I’m getting more visitors to a website that I am very focused on
  • I’m having an easier time with my freelance writing

I’ve been focused on my career and money for the most part, but health is definitely something I’m going to be turning more towards.

Check out what the Unlimited Program offers for yourself here.

What Is Really A Waste Of Time?

What Is A Waste Of Time?

What Is A Waste Of Time?

Have you ever thought about something and thought, “What a waste of time that was!” I know I have, but lately I’ve been thinking about it and wondering what is really a waste of time?

Many people will give the same list when you ask them what a waste of time is.

  • Worrying
  • Arguing for the sake of arguing
  • Reality TV
  • Regret
  • Staring at the wall
  • Sleeping all day
  • Spying on your neighbors

But, is anything really a waste of time if you learn something from it?

Moreover, if you felt like you wasted time doing something, wouldn’t that be a lesson not to do it anymore which makes it actually time spent learning something for your future benefit?

There are a few things I want to address as a complete waste of time. On some of my blogs, I hear a lot of the same thing over and over again about what a waste of time something was – like a past relationship, and I feel pretty strongly about that subject.

Past Relationships – A Waste Of Time?

I strongly believe that all past relationships were NOT a waste of time. Every relationship that comes into your life, comes into it for a reason. Even someone you meet at the grocery store for 1 minute can have a huge impact on your life.

Every relationship I have ever had served a purpose in my life. I cannot think of one person that was a waste of time.

I was just watching Alan Cohen speak in The Academy For Optimal Living, and he was talking about how every relationship can fit into one of three categories.

1. A Reason: This is a short relationship, even a 1-minute relationship, that helps you get through something, understand something, or move on from something. For instance, the cashier who smiles at you can completely change the course of your day.

2. A Season: The best example for me would be a friend I had throughout my late teens and early twenties. She was there to party with, support me through tough times, and ultimately teach me a lot about what a real friend is not. She was a seasonal relationship for me.

3. A Lifetime: These are the people who support you throughout your life and while there may be conflict, they are not forced – they just are there. Life would not be the same without them. My parents are two of them, my best friend is one of them, and my husband is one of them.

All of these relationships teach us something, so they cannot really be a waste of time for us. We learn from each of them, we have some fun and some sad times, and they serve us in one way or another.

I would say the only way a past relationship could really be a waste of time is when you deny that you took something from it in one way or another! But even then, that is you wasting your time with the way you perceive the situation. It doesn’t mean the relationship as actually a waste of your time.

TV – A Waste Of Time?

Some TV programs have a strong purpose in enriching our lives, but others don’t. For example, some shows on OWN can be pretty cool and inspiring, whereas some shows on that network can be boring and add no value to your life.

I am personally a fan of watching TV to alter my mood, give my mind a break, or learn something I want to learn. But, I think TV becomes a waste of time when it becomes your whole life.

For example, I have a family member who lives in front of the TV. When we get together, he talks about the shows he likes, what is happening in their lives, and what he likes best about them.

The problem is that he usually has nothing else to talk about but TV.

He never comes to visit me and engage in my life, but he is more than happy to partake in the lives of the people in NCIS. It is a sad way to live.

To me, that is a waste of time. He is not learning anything from these shows, and he is not living his life while he watches hours upon hours of these shows. There is a lot more he could be doing for his own happiness.

Not Appreciating The Moment – A Waste Of Time?

Finally, I think not appreciating the moment is absolutely a waste of time.

When you are focused on what you should have done or what you should do or how it is supposed to be, you are wasting your time.

Taking action on what you want is the opposite of that. For instance, if you are beating yourself up about not working out again, then that is a waste of time. You can’t change what you didn’t do, no matter how much you beat yourself up about it. But you can exercise right now.

Also, waiting for something to happen in your life is a waste of time. Many people wait until they find the perfect person to do the things they want to do, but what guarantee is there that you will find that person?

The point is that getting up and taking action on the life you want by focusing on the moment makes wasting time a thing of the past.

If you are not sure how to do that, I highly recommend reading The Motivation Manifesto.

I Don’t Want To Waste Time

The one thing that scares me more than anything else is the thought that I will die with a wasted life. I don’t want to waste time. I want to make the most out of each moment and ensure it adds to my life in some way – even if it is sitting on a beach and enjoying nature and the calmness within.

How do you feel about wasted time?

The Motivation Manifesto – Can Brendon Burchard’s Book Change The World?

The Motivation Manifesto

The Motivation Manifesto

There are a lot of great books out there. Brian Johnson created Philosopher’s Notes (summaries of some of the greatest books in history), in part, because there are so many books out there and not enough time to read them. But, after reading The Motivation Manifesto, I realized that this was one book I would recommend reading in full.

Why Did I Like The Motivation Manifesto?

First, I like the way Brendon Burchard stood his ground and created a book that he wanted to create. You can read about that on Forbes here. 

But, why would I recommend this book? Because I personally believe it has the power to change lives and even – possibly – the world.

It is a book of fact.

It is a book that contains information that we probably all know on some level.

But, it serves as a reminder that we are great, have great potential, and should spend the time we have here living up to that potential.

At the end of the book, I wanted to live up to my potential and make the world a better place. There were other things I wanted to do too.

  • I wanted to be nicer to people
  • I wanted to live in the moment more
  • I wanted to get busy taking action on the things I want
  • I wanted to turn off my TV and stop wasting my time watching shows like the Kardashians
  • I wanted to live my life and stop watching other people live theirs
  • I wanted to break through my fears and start GOING FOR IT!

That’s a short list, but as you can tell, I felt motivated!

Basically this book made me want to be a better person and help create a better world, and that is why I recommend The Motivation Manifesto to YOU.

If everyone can feel that empowered, that motivated, and that excited after reading this book, then this world could be in for a few POSITIVE changes!

What Is The Motivation Manifesto?

It is a book that talks about how we are meant to be free and how our fears hold us back from our freedom. And, it shows us how to get motivated.

“The sustaining choices of motivation are thus attention and effort.” – Motivation Manifesto

It goes through 9 declarations that are more than just declarations. It’s like you have your own personal coach talking to you and hyping you up to live your best life.

The declarations remind you of what is important in life and why they are important.

When I was almost done the book, I knew that I was going to put these 9 declarations somewhere near my work space to remind me of who I am and who I want to be.

The book reminds you of what this world is lacking and what it needs to become great.

On a personal level, my husband was having a hard time letting go of a negative job as I was reading this, and I was able to give him a lot of insightful tips (thanks Brendon!) that motivated him to once and for all get out of a job that was causing him stress and pain and ill-health, and get onto doing what he really wants to do in his life.

“We mustn’t live in the darkness of our doubts, the shadows of the joyless, or the clutches of the energy vampires.” – Motivation Manifesto

Not Many People Have Regreted Reading It

Worried that it may be a waste of your time to read the book? I have not seen too many negative reviews about The Motivation Manifesto.

I did see some reviews on Amazon that made me wonder what the motivation was behind them. For instance, one of the reviewers who gave it 1 star said, “I tried the 9 steps to claim my personal power and it just didn’t take.” She wondered why the steps couldn’t be reduced, maybe to 5 steps, and she also stated that when she discussed it with her Sex Addicts Anonymous group they helped her understand it more. It sounds like a fake review, right? It has to be. But why on this book? Why waste your time writing such a nonsense review on a book that has the power to do good in the world? If this person actually took the time to read the book and implement it, maybe they could take their talent for writing nonsense and actually help or inspire other people.

The other 1-star review said to sum up the book, you should face your fears and live life they way you want it. I can tell you that the book is not summed up by that sentence. Not even close.

In the end, I believe it is a book that will benefit your life in a  positive way. It may even change the direction of it altogether, and in turn affect the world in a very positive way. So, yes, I think this book has the power to change the world.

Check Out The Motivation Manifesto on Amazon

I received this book from Hay House to review as a  part of the Book Nook blogger program. I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. As per my disclosure, the links to the book are my affiliate links.

Eat More Fat For Brain Health And Productivity?

Become more productive and have less thoughts


Become more productive and have less thoughts

Some days, my thoughts look like this.

I need to become more productive throughout my day. I spend a lot of time looking at stuff and doing stuff that doesn’t contribute to my overall happiness. How about you?

My biggest issue is focus. I am so easily distracted by things that my mind literally jumps from one thought to another.

Increasing Productivity

FINALLY! I joined The Academy For Optimal Living today. I say finally because even though it is only a few bucks a month to join, I’ve been putting it off forever.

“I don’t have time to watch those videos!” was my biggest reason, but I realized that I have time to do a lot of unimportant stuff during my day and those videos may just help me get more organized, make me happier, and improve my life in ways that I’m not even aware of yet.

So, on my to-do list, I finally checked off ‘sign up to the academy and start watching some videos’ as done – and I chose How To Double Your Productivity to watch first! I figured that was a pretty good one to choose considering I’ve been getting less and less done with my days lately.

There are many insights in the 1 hour long class, but because nutrition has been a big part of life for me lately, I took one of them to heart.

Eat More Fat For More Productivity

I have always had coffee with my cream in the morning. I’m kidding…a little. And I’ve always wondered if too much fat in the morning is a bad thing for my focus and ability to get things done.


But, Abel James actually says that including fat in your diet is important for good brain health, and when you eat a low fat diet, you steal nutrients from your brain.

Of course, this doesn’t give you a pass to eat McDonalds breakfast every morning. That is not the kind of fat he’s talking about. He’s talk about healthy fats like coconut, olive oil, avocados, nuts, etc.

One thing he said that stuck out in my mind was ‘real fat comes from real food‘. That is going to be something I remember quite often when I eat, shop, or think about health!

One thing I can say is that I have noticed that since my husband and I have included walnuts and flax as an everyday addition to our diet, I have been more focused in the morning (until I eat nachos or macaroni for lunch).

Your Brain Is 60% Fat?!

Convinced that fat is bad? I know many people in my mom’s generation adamantly believe that fat is bad and many people on diets like Weight Watchers, where high fat food consumes up all their daily points, probably don’t want to touch fat with a 10-foot pole.

If fat scares you, watch this quick video that gives some insight into fat.

Note: The link they had below the video was to here:

I don’t know about you, but Daniel Amen is an expert in brain health, and it is hard for me not to listen to him when he talks about anything to do with the brain!

So, add more healthy fat to your diet as one way to have better brain health and more productivity throughout your day.

Dangers Of Having High Blood Sugar

Even though diabetes is often talked about when high blood sugar is mentioned, there are many different dangers of having high blood sugar that can occur even in people who do not have diabetes. You may be surprised at the issues that can be caused by high blood sugar.

1. Promotes Sleep Problems

Research has shown that high blood sugar and an impaired circadian rhythm are linked together. When sleep patterns are affected, levels of insulin in the blood can be affected as well, which prevents the body from maintaining control of blood sugar levels.

When your sleep pattern is affected, serious issues can arise. For instance, drowsiness from sleep deprivation can cause someone’s reaction time while driving to be that of a drunk person. Moreover, poor decisions at work and home can have negative effects on the outcome of various situations. For example, sleep deprivation played a part in the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island in 1979.

Other issues include health problems, both physical and mental, and weight gain, which in itself can lead to a whole host of health problems.

2. Increases Risk Of Infection And Death During Hospitalization

People who do not know they have high blood sugar or diabetes during hospitalization can quickly find out as blood sugar levels tend to rise when someone is seriously ill.

Studies have shown that there is an impairment of the body’s defenses when high blood sugar is present, and combined with the increase in blood sugar of ill patients, this can be deadly. For example, after surgery, blood sugar can become high and increase risk of infection and even death. Moreover, people who are critically ill have a high chance of death when their blood sugar is high.

“Death rates increased as the average glucose levels increased. This association was noted among people with and without diabetes.” – EurekAlert!

3. Shrinks The Brain

People who have high blood sugar are at greater risk of experiencing brain shrinkage that normally happens with diseases such as dementia. Even people who don’t have diabetes can experience an impact on their brain health with high blood sugar levels.

Shrinkage of the brain is associated with an increase risk in cognitive impairment. Judgement, memory, emotions, speech, movement, and more can be affected negatively by this.

4. Impacts Children

Children get a lot of things from their mothers, and low insulin sensitivity and a high risk for type 2 diabetes can be one of those things. Mothers who have high blood sugar during pregnancy are more likely to have children with low insulin sensitivity. Studies have shown that this is independent of how much body fat the child has.

Moreover, even a small increase in blood sugar during pregnancy can cause high birth weight, preeclampsia, and promote a C-section delivery. In short, high blood sugar has a negative impact on pregnancy and delivery.

5. Heart Disease

High blood sugar levels are linked to coronary heart disease in people living with or without diabetes. Moreover, if you ever experience a heart attack, the survival rate is much lower if you high blood sugar.


What Is A Peak Experience? Have You Had One?

Have you ever felt a moment of intensity that seemed to stand out among the other grains of sand?
Have you ever felt a moment of intensity that seemed to stand out among the other grains of sand?

Have you ever felt a moment of intensity that seemed to stand out among the other grains of sand?

When I was young, I used to have these weird moments of extreme awareness. For instance, I would be partying with my friends and all of a sudden, in an instant, I would notice the experience as an outsider – almost as if I was floating above my body and looking at everything with a clarity (that I didn’t have at that time) instead of being wrapped up in the moment. I could still see my friends, but it was as though I had withdrawn from the situation and all of a sudden become acutely aware of the moment and what it entailed – as if the lights had been turned on after a long night of darkness.

It didn’t just happen during moments of partying though. It would happen when I was sitting quietly by myself at work without any distractions or while I was on the bus by myself. I was always surprised when it happened. There was never any warning.

I hated the feeling. It was a feeling of intensity of the moment (as if time was standing still), and it made me feel too aware of myself, others, and the experiences happening. And, at that time, ignorance was really bliss for me. I would rather go along having fun and being oblivious to reality than completely aware of what was going on and what various actions meant.

For instance, I remember having one of those experiences and looking at a close friend of mine. As usual, everything slowed down and I could see everything with extreme clarity, including the look of annoyance in her eyes that I never saw in my normal state. At that time, I wanted to believe that everyone loved me and conflict was not in my life. Now I know that she was not a very good friend, but ignorance helped me believe she was.

The worst part was that nobody else in my friend group was having these weird moments. And, everyone that I’ve talked to about it since has not had these moments either.

Anywase, looking back on it, they happened throughout the span of a year where I was trying to figure out where I wanted my life to go. Not long after, I released negative friends from my life (including the one who looked at me with annoyance), started on a journey of personal development, fulfillment, and happiness, and I expanded my awareness.

I haven’t had that feeling for a long time, so I had always wondered if it was just all in my head.

Then today, Deepak talked about peak experiences on his 21 day meditation for energy of attraction, and it hit me…those were peak experiences!

What Is A Peak Experience?

The psychologist, Abraham Maslow (the guy in the video below), described a peak experience as a moment of extreme happiness and fulfillment or a moment that stands out among everyday moments and makes me you feel very large or small with the world around you. He said that it plays a role in one’s self-actualization. And, people who have had them say that they are like a spiritual experience. That is the first time I’ve heard my experience described by someone else.

Peak experiences are characterized by:

  • oneness
  • extreme awareness
  • clarity
  • intensity
  • a higher level of consciousness
  • intense pleasure

Maslow On Peak Experiences

Looking back on it, I would say they were moments of not just extreme awareness, but also meaning. They gave me insight into the fact that there was much more going on than just the experience I was having.

Even though I didn’t consciously understand it, they let me see that every noise, person, movement, and action, was a part of something much bigger than I realized in a normal state.

I wonder if I were to have a peak experience like that again, if it would comfort me and make me feel as though life is very meaningful or if it would still be a moment of being too aware? I assume that I would no longer be uncomfortable like I was in my younger years because I don’t feel I live in ignorance as much – but I would have to experience it to be sure.

If you have had a peak experience, please share in the comments below.

The Importance Of Vitamin B12 Supplementation?

Vitamin B12

I am a vegetarian, and I know that one of the things I need to supplement with is vitamin B12. This has always been something I’ve known but I haven’t done it regularly. As with all things that don’t present an immediate danger, I’ve put it on the back-burner.

We do have vegan-friendly supplements in our house. But, now I’m starting to wonder if I need a supplement with the animal version or with the vegan-friendly version. Why? Because B12 is important to our overall health and a deficiency can cause a lot of problems – problems that we seem to be dealing with right now.

I feel very strongly that it is something I need to add to our diets right now.

Moreover, I want to ensure that the supplement I add is actually doing something beneficial and not just making promises that it can’t keep.

What Does Vitamin B12 Do?

Vitamin B12 keeps blood and nerve cells healthy. It plays a part in producing the protective sheath of nerve fibers. And, it is pretty damn important to overall good health.

Are Vegans Getting Enough B12?

From what I’ve read, around 2.4 mcg of vitamin B12 is the recommended dosage for teens over 14 and adults. If you are pregnant, you will need 2.6 mcg and if you are breastfeeding you will need 2.8 mcg.

Plants do not have a need for vitamin B12 so they don’t have it. This is why vegans cannot find B12 from their diets.

The supplement I’m taking is sourced from bacteria cultures, and I thought it was just as good as animal sourced B12, but now I’m really wondering about that. As far as I knew, it wasn’t the animal that produces B12, it was the bacteria in the the gut of the animal that makes B12. Animal sources of B12 include red meat, seafood and dairy.

When we head to our holistic doctor, we will ask about this and I will definitely update this page.

What Does A Deficiency In Vitamin B12 Look Like?

People who are deficient in B12 have symptoms like tingling in their hands and feet (neurological damage). Nerve tissues and blood vessels can be damaged which can raise the likelihood of stroke and heart disease.

If you are going vegan or can’t eat meat and meat products, it is important to take a supplement of B12. It should be in a form that dissolves underneath your tongue because when you swallow the pill, it doesn’t absorb well.

But, the following video suggests that you may need B12 shots if you are B12 deficient because that is the only way you will get the recommended amount. 

I watched the following video and I found it fascinating.

If you are even slightly concerned about vitamin B12 or in your diet, or even your health, I recommend you watch it! This is a long video at 51:45, but it is time well spent for your health now and in the future.

It has really got me thinking about what we need to do with our diet and supplementation, and when my husband goes to see the neurologist and the holistic doctor, we will be asking about being tested for B12 deficiency.

It is amazing that people are misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and other things simply because they are deficient in B12. That is pretty eye-opening about how important B12 is for our health.

I’m not saying that I believe my husband is simply deficient in B12, but I definitely want to look into it.

Update: My husband got tested for vitamin B12 and it turns out his levels are fine. However, his iron levels were way below normal. So, I’m glad we checked it all out! My results are still to come.


Slimming Meals That Heal Review: Healthy Food Revealed

Slimming Meals That Heal

Slimming Meals That HealSlimming Meals That Heal sounds like a book that anyone would want to read? Right? Well, I can’t say it didn’t inform me on things such as inflammation in the body and foods that you can eat to fight inflammation. Let me say right off, I recommend it simply for the insights that it can add into your life- even if you don’t get on the recommended diet.

What Do You Get In Slimming Meals That Heal?

The book is divided up into three parts.

Part 1: The Science Of Weight Loss

Ever wonder why you eat all the right things, according to experts, and can’t lose weight long term? This section is for you.

It talks about how calorie restriction doesn’t work for weight loss in the long run, with over 66 percent of dieters gaining back more weight than they lost.

It talks about how inflammation is the missing piece to your diet and weight loss, including how food allergies can contribute to inflammation in the body. You will also learn how to tell if you have a food allergy.

It talks about hormones and how they impact your weight loss or gain. Moreover, it talks about the nutrients that affect your hormones.

You will learn superfoods that fight inflammation in the body, about the glycemic index, and how to combine your foods to avoid high blood sugar.

And, you will learn how to fight emotional eating through different techniques. (One of which is tapping.)

Part 2: The Slimming Meals That Heal Program

This section will give you insight into your kitchen and what you need to toss for better health as well as what you need to include in it. This can send a spike of fear up anybody’s spine, especially when she says to toss dairy (at least for me), but she covers how to fight cravings, which can help.

Basically you will learn what foods to avoid that could potentially cause inflammation, and then how to bring them back into your diet to determine whether or not your body is reacting negatively to them. This doesn’t mean that you can never eat some of your favorite foods again, but it does mean that you may find that some of your favorite foods and your body just don’t agree.

This program pretty much takes you by the hand. There is a 1-week menu set in place for anyone who is not sure what to eat. This can be beneficial to someone who just wants to try it out without a lot of planning. The recipes in the plan for the week are all in the next part of the book.

There are some new habits that go along with this way of eating. For instance, you have to eat your first meal within the first 2 hours of waking up. And, you have to eat 6 times per day.

But, there is no counting calories!

Part 3: The Slimming Meals That Heal Recipes

Page 141 to 310 is recipes. Liquids, breakfasts, salads, dips, dressings, sauces, main meals, and treats are included.

There does seem to be a lot of recipes with meat. I’m a vegetarian, so a lot of the recipes (as is) were not applicable to me.

What I found Weird  About This Book

I liked the book, it was very informative on what to eat for better health and what to not eat for better health. However, I was a little dissapointed at the end.

I found that there is a Meals That Heal Online Course from HayHouse and you have to pay about $44 for it. I would have assumed something like that would be included in the purchase of the book considering it is the same topic and complementary to the book.

It looks like an interesting course, but I just feel like people who buy the book should be able to get the course for free. Maybe others would disagree.

The Bottom Line

I liked the book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about food and how it impacts their health.

There were a lot of insights in it and I found myself talking to my husband excitedly about trying the 1-week menu plan.

The recipes were interesting and sounded yummy, and any meat dishes could easily be transformed into vegetarian dishes.

If you want to stop counting calories and start living, this book can help you do that!

Note: I got this book from the book nook program in exchange for a review. This review is based on my own thoughts and experiences. 

Loving Yourself to Great Health Review

Loving Yourself to Great Health Review

Loving Yourself to Great Health ReviewLoving Yourself to Great Health called out to me at the beginning of the month. I didn’t know why I was drawn to reading this book, until my husband got sick.

After a few weeks of doctors, seeing my husband through a very bad spell of sickness, and finally getting a tentative diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Loving Yourself to Great Health was a great read for me as I tried to sort through my feelings and figure out what I wanted to implement in the future in the way of a healthy lifestyle.

The book is written by Louise L. Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane. Of course, anything by Louise Hay is usually something I try to read, but the other two women are a big part of her life, so this was an interesting look into how Louise sees health and takes care of herself. (She is 88 in case you were not aware of that fact!)

Ahlea has worked with Louise for over 11 years and Heather for over 8 years. There is a good bio about both of them in the book.

Several Powerful Insights In The Beginning of Loving Yourself to Great Health

In the first part of Loving Yourself to Great Health, I was constantly highlighting insights that I wanted my husband to hear about after we learned about his MRI and the MS.

For instance, stress is what brought on my husband’s episode, and we both know that stress is unhealthy for an average person, but one of my highlights around chronic stress included this – “…your body cannot digest properly, your immune system cannot protect you, and your brain cannot think straight. Studies show that brains can even shrink under prolonged stress.” Of course, my husband’s brain health is on my mind, so this was something that we took very seriously, and he has decided to quit that job that causes him chronic stress and take some time to regain his health and look for something better.

One of the biggest highlights I made was – “Your body responds to changes you make with love, no matter how small.” That bit of insight reduced the pressure I was feeling to change everything right now because of my fear. Instead, I realized that I could learn from this book and incorporate small changes into our lives for better health.

In short, the first part of the book is a guide to better health. It gives you insight into loving yourself, how your body works, why you should listen to your body (and how), what kinds of foods are really healthy and supportive of good health (and which are not), and some natural home remedies to help you with various ailments.

It’s interesting because I found myself trying to recall the list of foods that were healthy the last time I went to the grocery, and I walked out of that store with a healthier haul then I’ve had for years!

The Second Part Of Loving Yourself to Great Health

The second part of the book begins with Chapter 8. This chapter is about getting started in the kitchen. I didn’t really find this chapter useful, but my husband and I cook at home often, so I guess I just already knew all of this information and have all of the recommended basics that a healthy kitchen needs. Food was my problem, not cookware.

Chapter 9 contains sample menus and meal options for breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, and desserts. There is a five day menu suggestion if you are someone who likes to follow a menu plan instead of creating your own menu plan.  There is a shopping list that includes everything you will ever want for every food and supplement you can think of, including healthy sweeteners.

Chapter 10 contains the recipes as well as some information on how to prepare ingredients such as grains, nuts, and seeds. One of the recipes, includes a recipe that Louise used as part of her healing process when she had cancer. It is essential asparagus puree.

I Recommend This Book

More and more people are suffering from diseases that have no explanation. To me, this just means that we need to pay attention to our lifestyle, including nutrition, thoughts, and exercise. Loving Yourself to Great Health gives great insight into our thoughts and nutrition, and I feel that is super important for everyone to read on their journey to better health.

You can check out more reviews and buy it here on Amazon.


I received this book from Hay House to review as a  part of the Book Nook blogger program. I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. As per my disclosure, the links to the book are my affiliate links.

Hypnosis For Stress? My Husband’s Diagnosis And How I Deal With Stress

How To De-stress: Is Hypnosis A Solution?
How To Deal With Stress: Is Hypnosis A Solution?

Sometimes You Have To Make Choices Towards Better Health. What Tool Will Help You Deal With Stress?

We all have stress, but sometimes life can get pretty darn stressful and anxiety can start to settle in and really affect our health. And, because of this it becomes very important to find effective ways to deal with stress.

This past month, my husband has been very sick. We thought it was a flu-like thing, but after the symptoms would not go away, and all the other tests proved he was pretty healthy, he got an MRI. It turns out it is most likely Multiple Sclerosis and a neurologist is our next step to figure out what is going on. Looking back, the symptoms have been there, but this time the symptoms warranted more investigation.

The symptoms came to their peak at a very stressful time at work, and we thought his immune system had just shut down because of the stress. We knew we had to de-stress him a bit.

But, when his leg wouldn’t cooperate with him and his dizziness was far beyond normal, we knew that something else was at play. Now that we know what’s going on, eliminating stress is more important than ever because we believe it has a big impact on health in the present and future.

In the future, I will be writing about other things we are researching and doing to help us both be healthier on this journey. But, for now, I want to talk about something that I have found to help me deal with stress during this time.

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A Unique Tool To Deal With Stress

Recently, I got a free welcome gift to Hypnosis Live and it included the hypnosis to eliminate stress. (You can click on that link and get your own free 30 minute hypnosis stress session). I’ve been using it daily, and I’ve seen a great improvement with how I deal with stress.

When we got this news, it became even more necessary to use the technique I learned from this hypnosis session, and I have found it very helpful in eliminating stress around this situation. So, I definitely recommend trying it out if you need to find a deal with stress – big or small.

The hypnosis session is about 30 minutes long. It starts off talking about hypnosis and how it works. Then, you are led into a session where you relax deeply and listen to your subconscious for some answers you need to help you deal with stress when it arises.

There is a woman talking the whole time, and I find her very relaxing and non-distracting. You will have to try it out for yourself, but I think her voice would be a good fit for anyone to relax with.

A few things I find during and after the hypnosis session are:

  • I’m in a very relaxed state
  • I’m able to focus and listen to my inner self easier
  • I’m able to visualize better and really be present in those visualizations
  • I feel good and positive about negative situations, whether they have happened or could happen
  • I feel more relaxed and ready to deal with stress that comes from everyday life, stressful people, and stressful situations

The beauty is that the session remains in my mind as I go throughout my day, and at the first sign of stress, the technique is the first thing my mind turns towards. That means I am actively seeking out a way to get rid my stress before I allow myself to get to caught up in the moment.

Now, obviously I am personally going through a high-stress time with my husband’s diagnosis of MS.

And, I can’t say that I didn’t tell off a waiter yesterday who was rude to my husband and then dwell on that jerk for hours afterwards feeling very stressed out. (That was in part due to lack of sleep – and sleep is another important stress buster in my tool kit!)

But, I can say that hypnosis has definitely helped me rein in my stress on many occasions, and it will be a permanent part of my stress relief program from this point forward.

The Difference Between Hypnosis MP3’s or Hypnosis With A Hypnotherapist?

Get Your Free Hypnosis Gift With The Stress MP3 Here And Try It Out For Yourself!

Come back and let me know what you think about the hypnosis session for stress, and stay tuned for more insights about my husband’s diagnosis and how we deal with life from this point forward.

Foot Reflexology: My Experience With It

Treat your feet to a vacation daily and benefit your health.

Foot Reflexology Keeps You Health and Happy

When I was in my young twenties, I became obsessed with reflexology, especially foot reflexology. I was working as a housekeeper at a hospital, and I remember sitting in my housekeeping room reading a book and pushing on my foot with the end of a pencil. Every single day since then, I have used foot reflexology in my life. Daily, I do my feet to see if there are any sore points, and if I am feeling ill, I make sure that I focus on the points in my foot that need focusing on.

What Is Foot Reflexology?

The following video features reflexology. It is a long one, but if you are interested in learning more about reflexology, then it is worth the time investment. Think of it this way, you could watch a TV program about a fake life, or you can learn something new to benefit your life and health. I highly recommend watching it as it is quite detailed about the history and use of reflexology.

Why I Really Believe In Foot Reflexology

I have always noticed that issues, such as digestion, stomach problems and sinus problems correlate to the pain in my foot. Even when I don’t totally know what a point correlates to, it makes sense once I look it up.

Some people may say this is the placebo effect (which I firmly believe in as well). As in, I feel a pain in my head so I get a pain in my foot because I know it corresponds to my head. But, there have been too many times that foot reflexology points and issues have corresponded without my knowledge about what the reflex was. Moreover, points have corresponded in other people around me who have no history with reflexology.

For instance, the other day, my husband wasn’t feeling well. We were not sure where it was stemming from so he let me do his feet (he normally does mine). He had a terrible pain in the ear point on his left foot, and guess what? We found he had a terrible ear infection when we went to the doctor.

My husband doesn’t know what the points are on his feet, so he couldn’t have made it up. He just knew that it hurt there when I ended up there. Moreover, he didn’t have any symptoms of an ear infection specifically, it just felt like a cold. But we knew exactly what it was after the foot reflexology session.

Another time my husband was doing my foot and I had terrible pain in one spot on my left foot. I had never felt that much pain in my foot before, and after checking it out, I figured out it was my stomach. But, the thing was that I was not having any issues with my stomach, so I couldn’t figure out why it hurt so much. Well, at about 10pm I realized why. I had some sort of stomach bug and stuff started to come out of both ends and didn’t stop until the next morning!

Foot Relexology For Knee Pain

So, today I woke up with bad knee pain. I could barely walk. I’m not sure why. My best guess is I was running in my sleep or twisted it while I was sleeping. I know I had done nothing to hurt it consciously. Anywase, I didn’t know where the knee point was, even after all my years of doing reflexology on my feet. So, I thought I would share what I learned in case you have knee pain!

And yes, my knee is feeling better.

Just Try It

For better health, you have to be willing to try new things and open your mind up to new concepts. Conventional medicine is great, but when you get can get in touch with your body on a more intimate level and take your health into your own hands, you will start to feel better about yourself and the future of your wellness.

Personally, I am rarely ever sick, and I take into consideration holistic aspects of health, such as reflexology, supplements, nutrition, and even energy medicine. There is a lot to be learned, and once you start exploring holistic avenues, you will be surprised at the benefits you find.

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