Beyond Past Lives Review

Review of Beyond Past Lives by Mira Kelley

I wanted to like this book. When I received Beyond Past Lives from Hay House for review purposes, I thought I was really going to love this book and be ...

Top 5 Catchy Videos That Will Lead You To Many More

Some videos are just catchy videos. You remember them. You tell your friends about them. You share them. You blog about them! I watch YouTube quite a bit, and there are some videos that just stick out in my mind. They make me feel good or inspire me or just help me zone out when I […]

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Want To Think Positively? Use Some Time Tested Sayings to Help You Out

We are so good at feeling negative and taking a negative standpoint on everything. We are negative about everything from the fact that we have to wait in line to get our coffee to the traffic jam to the get together that didn’t work out the way we wanted. In conversations with others the normal […]

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What Is There To Be Grateful For?

What is there to be grateful for? Are you have a hard time finding something to show gratitude for? Is everything in life going wrong? Just a few minutes ago, I was doing my 7th day meditation with the Oprah & Deepak 21-Day meditation experience for happiness. It was on wholeness, and even though I’ve […]

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When is complaining a good thing?

When Is Complaining a Good Thing?

Everywhere I go, I hear complaining. It doesn’t matter if I’m at the supermarket or at a family gathering. Complaining is almost always the tone of the conversation. Sound familiar? I used to join in with the complaining just so I could be an active part of the conversation. It made me feel like I […]

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Stop Complaining So Much With These Tips

3 Ways To Stop Complaining So Much

Complaining drains our energy and makes us miserable. It really does nothing good for us. It doesn’t make us more productive in our day. It doesn’t actually change what we are complaining about. It doesn’t fix the issues and concerns we are upset with. It just causes more complaints and more negativity. It is essentially a […]

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How to deal with someone who complains

How To Deal With Someone Who Complains All The Time

In the past few years, I’ve been trying to clean out my complaint center. Instead of complaining, I try to look for positive solutions – or at the very least a solution. Complaining does nothing to help me move forward. All it does it keep me stuck in a place of – well, complaining! The […]

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La Scie Newfoundland

Northwest Newfoundland Is A Beautiful Place: My 2014 Trip

This year I got to visit Newfoundland again. My best friend lives there, and she also has a cabin in a beautiful harbor. When you go there, you are glad to be alive. It really is a beautiful place, and if you ever get a chance to visit, I would recommend it. Don’t Expect A […]

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The Big Book of Angel Tarot

The Big Book of Angel Tarot Review

I have owned the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine for quite a while. I bought them last year some time and they have been my only tarot deck. While the deck does come with a small book that explains each card, gives additional meanings, and gives some spreads to try, it […]

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tapping solution for weight loss

The Tapping Solution For Weight Loss & Body Confidence Reviewed

I just finished The Tapping Solution For Weight Loss & Body Confidence by Jessica Ortner, and I gotta say that it is one of the most unique books (that include ‘weight loss’ in the title) that I’ve ever seen. I’m not a stranger to tapping, and if you are – I highly recommend that you […]

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Get in the habit of having a date night

Habits For Having Fun In Your Relationship

Your relationship habits affect every aspect of your relationship in a good or bad way. When you develop strong (and positive) habits in your relationship, you create a strong and positive environment. When you have fun in your relationship, you look forward to seeing your partner at the end of the day. You want to […]

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How Much Water Is Too Much Water?

My dad does not drink water. I don’t know why. He thinks it is horrible. He makes a point of telling the waiter, before he brings anything to the table, that he does not want any water…please. It’s like if it gets near him, he will melt. This aversion to water drives me nuts. He is a […]

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